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Blasian Man, Black Man, NYC, brick building, street art, graffiti, painting
Milton Washington / Photographer

Milton Washington is a New York City based, Experiential Photographer whose work captures the flavors, accents and grit of NYC and beyond. Originally from South Korea, then later raised throughout the rural and urban US, Milton's unique and multi-cultural background gives him an uncommon edge and perspective on the people and life experiences he's allured by. His fascination is all translated through the lens of the experiences, people and happenings he chooses to capture with his still photography work. 


Some of his work has been featured in award winning periodicals, such as; The New York Times and Food & Wine magazine.

Whether it be an organized event, a colourful street scene or a quirky, neighborhood character, this gifted artist finds the beauty and joy in his subjects and enthusiastically shares it with the world.

Agent 99 is excited to be heading up the business development division of MANHATTAN PRODUCTIONS, a full service production company that specializes in content creation, live action, and editorial for screens of all shapes and sizes.


Founded by Emmy award winning producer/editor, Bradley Ross (Cartel Land), and television director, Brendan Walsh (Nurse Jackie, Friends From College, Royal Pains, Bull), Manhattan develops rich, emotive content.


As a creative agency, Manhattan has a deep passion for storytelling and can package projects from inception to completion.

Abstract / architectural artist, Lisa Daniels says,"Art has always been a part of my life." From a young age, her father discovered the drawings she had made, and sent them to JP Stevens Fabric Company, where they were used on several products.

From that moment on through her adult life, most of her jobs included some form of art.  Even now, she currently works in the Architectural/Structural field. It is there that Lisa is able to use the freedom of expression in contemporary and abstract art, by combining her love of structures, with her love of painting.


Summit Smiles owner, Dr. Mariam, D.D.S. mission is "to ensure that every patient we see in our office receives the highest dental care modern dentistry provides. Every one of my patients is an individual and is treated as such. Dental treatment is personalized for each patient's specific needs as a whole".



" An expert passport forger lands in jail and discovers an otherworldly talent for creating undetectable copies of the painting works of the masters." A premise for an art heist thriller? Or, the true story of Copy artist, David Henty?


Viewing the beatific and diverse works of this virtuoso copy artist is a uniquely impressive and jaw dropping experience. How in the world is he able to embody the technique, detail and spirit of the likes of Picasso, Bacon and Basquiat?! We're still wrapping our heads around that one...


Originally from London, England, Kingsley's an artist/design consultant. Being primarily a painter and illustrator, this base strength,"gives me the ability to understand texture, light and form. I take great pride and joy in creating ambiance and unique spatial design for clients". 


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