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The Afro-Asian Futurism photoshoot and subsequent exhibition, is the third project that photographer, Milton Washington has produced in collaboration with artistic, producing partner, Namakula of Agent 99 Reps. The exhibit debuted at the LES gallery, The Storefront Project on Sept 6th-16th, 2018 in LES, NYC, to enthusiastic response. [Press Release]

Artistic Producing duties:

• Worked in tandem with the photographer producing the shoot; creating shooting schedule, managed talent and crew, issued model releases, ran craft services, on-set PA support to the photographer, (4) talent and (4) crew (4 NYC locations), in addition to being a financial investor
•  Facilitated the printing, framing, car rental / transport and the installing (and de-installing) of work into the gallery
Procured the gallery and was the point of contact in all aspects of the show between the curators and the photographer
• Was a contributing creative to the photographer regarding artistic decisions surrounding the project from photo selections and titles, to frame choices to presentation of work, events, sales and pricing
Wrote all copy relevant to promoting the show, including; official press release, promotional text (SM, emails), online, (Linked In) write up
Shot myriad videos and pictures of the entire process from the BTS of the shoot, the printing and framing process, install and gallery events
Executed PR / Social media and website promotion surrounding the shoot and subsequent exhibit and all events
• Was rep / sales associate manning the gallery for the show, during the entire 10-day run

Show Synopsis:

We are at the precipice of an emerging age, a new era where cultures, races and ideologies clash, collide, and mesh, fusing and seeping down to the bone, changing our chemistry forever. Far from a passing fad, it’s a human multi-cultural wave washing over shores across the planet, leaving indelible marks, melting sand castles and creating new caverns of existence, fueling tectonic shifts in ideas, philosophies and relationships. Ways of living, working and understanding are being challenged, turned upside-down, evolving from the chaos of change, forcing deeper connections and comprehension, giving birth to new visions and concepts with a fresh perspective on race. This project, this love child born out of these incredible journeys and metamorphoses experienced by the writer / photographer, Milton Washington, can be summed up in it’s title, Afro-Asian Futurism.

A biracial Korean/West African boy born and raised in South Korea until the age of 8, Milton was then adopted by a Black military family who raised him throughout the States. Speaking only Hangul up until his adoption, he was then thrust into a new family, culture and language. Carrying the battle scars of isolation as a Black child of Korea and viewed as other and never accepted, Milton became a Black child of his adopted country, the USA, forever as an “other.”

The Eye of Slickyboy is a cultural collision of his South Korean and West African roots. Milton's photography is aspirational and paradoxical. It captures beautiful grit, elegance and crudity, vulnerable vulgarity and the pristine posture of nobility draped in fashionable frocks. 


The Afro-Asian Futurism shots showcase Korean, and Korean & Black models in traditional Korean formalwear, a result of the symbiotic alliance with innovative, Hanbok designer, Jasmine Shinhyo Park.

Milton is showing us the future. And the future is Love. The future is Africa. The future is Asia. The future is Fusion

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