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Agent 99 teamed up with production house, Ghost Atomic Pictures, casting a branded content piece for client Microsoft, in collaboration with JetBlue. We cast 7 roles which ran the gamut of age, race and type. The one day shoot was filmed at JFK airport and went off without a hitch. We're looking forward to casting more projects where we can create opportunities for talented, dedicated artists!

A99+GAP_Casting Comp_050119.png

Microsoft "Jetblue Story"| Branded Content project

Client: Microsoft | Jetblue
Director / Producer: Adam Rothlein 
Casting: Namakula | Agent 99 
Cast: (clockwise) Lori Monte-Hubbard, Martin Nikolov, Michal Michelle Divan, Lews Paquin, Lucy Dolly Caires, and Eddie & Michael Perodin
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