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Our Team
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Namakula, Founder / CEO


Spearheaded by founder / Super Connector, Namakula, Agent 99 evolved out of a labor of love and foresight, recognizing a niche that needed to be filled. The need for a conduit, an agent for creatives and businesses to facilitate a clear filter to understanding and communication with each other's worlds and needs. Not only to work more efficiently and smoothly, but to also spark growth and achievement of enterprising goals.  


Coming from a well-rounded and diverse background, with 15+ years as a successful commercial video editor, writer/producer and performer, she has the chops, contacts and passion to push those striving for development in their businesses and careers, by utilizing her unconventional, out-of-the-box methods of connection, experience and intuition; in all spheres of business development.

And, she's having fun doing it!

A99_Fleure_Image Consultant.png
Fleure, Image Consultant 

They say that 'clothes make the wo/man'-- it's not a cliché. The first thing people notice, before your warm heart or cunning wit-- is your appearance. Do you find yourself at a loss as to how and why, to wear what? Or if you should keep the trendy mutton chops, what to do about that bad perm or how to present yourself, in general? You're not alone. That's why Fleure, a highly skilled model / actress, is heading up Agent 99's Image Consulting & Styling division.


With 20+ years under her belt, from adolescence to present, Fleure has booked myriad print and TV commercial campaigns with top directors and agencies, throughout North America and Europe. Her aim is to get you in touch with the inner, charismatic fashionista that genuinely reflects your essence, personal style and talent. You'll never choke at a meeting or first date again--she guarantees it!

Breathe: Mind, Body & Spirit

A99_Ann-Eliza-Older Lundy_Creative _Legal_edited.jpg
Ann-Eliza, Creative / Legal Consultant 

Maintaining one's spiritual, physical and mental health is imperative. We cannot strive, succeed or expand, if our foundation, our core, is not joyful and perpetually nurtured. That's why we have a roster of experienced and certified Yogi, Reiki and Spiritual Life coaches, who can assist and guide you through this thing called "life"-- all with an optimistic smile and a sunny disposition.


Just remember to B R E A T H E ...

Agent 99 prides itself on assembling a team of talented, experienced and compassionate professionals who live their passions and excel at their craft. Take our Creative / Legal Consultant, Ann-Eliza. A practicing lawyer at Older Lundy, she is also a supporter, facilitator and curator of the arts. She is responsible for creating 3 very successful community improvement / arts organizations; Philanthropic Young Tampa (PYT)​, Second Screen Cult Cinema and YA Wednesdays. And she sits on the Board of Directors for The Gasparilla Festival of the Arts and Tempus Projects. She is a respected and influential figure in the Tampa Bay area, whose numerous awards for her work include; Tampa Bay Businesses for Culture and the Arts ‘Impact’ Award and several Creative Loafing ‘Best of the Bay’ Awards.  In addition to offering her legal expertise, Ann-Eliza is a vital, contributing creative to the inner workings of Agent 99.

Want to know more? 

Reach out. We're here to help you achieve your goals and guide you to greatness.  

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