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Agent 99 line produced and cast on the NYC production of the international webseries thriller, "The Groom", ep 1 ep 2

​This was an innovative project, utilizing the same scripts for each episode, but shot with a different pool of actors in various cities around the world: London, Brighton, Shanghai, Beijing, Madrid, Las Vegas and NYC.


This unique creation sprung from the brilliant mind of Madrileño talent, Writer / Dir. Álvaro Collar.

Producer duties:

• Vetted and procured 2 cinematographers and a sound person for both episodes 1 & 2 

• Cast 3 roles for the 2 episodes 

• Organized and managed production meetings with the director and crew 

• Scouted and secured locations  

• On-set producer and principal actor (ep 2) 

• Planned and sponsored the post production wrap mixer ​

Want to know more? 

Contact us for info on our producing and casting services.

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