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"Agent 9has worked tirelessly to promote and build The Storefront Project across a range of media sectors and subject matters. I look at Namakula as my PR champion. She helped guide us through proper use of Social Media and truly helped us expand our clientele and fan base.


She has also managed our presence at a range of high profile events and in partnership with high end consumer brands, taking us to whole other level” 

--Gina Pagano, Curator at The Storefront Project / EP at MackCut

Dr. Mariam / D.D.S.

"Agent 99 has been able to set me apart from the flock of other similar businesses in the area.  They have done a lot of social media marketing that really is a cut above the rest and really gets people talking and referring to our business. 


They have been an ambassador to us and have been able to use their skills to get us new patients, and ones that are very loyal to our practice.  They understand the quality and the image we want to put out. And they do it with creativity and one-of a kind savvy!


I would recommend them to anyone looking to set themselves apart and really grow! Agent 9is always there to meet your specific needs. I am grateful."

--Mariam Vaziri DMD, Owner of Summit Smiles

Sewra Kidane / Fashion Film Editor
Victor Melton / Senior Flame Artist

"Agent 99 has helped me in ways I wouldn't have been able to do on my own. As a fellow editor, she's/they're able to give me relatable advice and suggestions, that I know I wouldn't get from other reps, because they wouldn't understand.


Agent 99 has made solid connections and helped to open numerous doors for me in a short amount of time. I am highly appreciative of her dedication, follow through and detail to helping me get to my goals!" 


--Sewra Kidane, Fashion Film Editor

"Agent 99 has effectively connected me with really good clients which led to continuing bookings. As a freelance Flame Artist they were crucial to help establish myself in the New York City market."

--Victor Melton, Senior Flame Artist

George Vaziri / Home Energy Conservation
Diana Lote / Casting & Development Producer

"Agent 99 has been great for us. Our business has had many ups and downs over the years, but this year they have been able to get our phones ringing more than before!  They have so much creative talent that has been valuable to us in our online presence. 


Thank you for boosting our business so that we can do what we do best: Create beautiful home projects and fireplace bliss :)"


--George Vaziri, Owner of Home Energy Conservation

"Agent 99 has connected me to some key players in my industry and helped facilitate some relationships that I wouldn’t have been able to create otherwise. She understands the power of networking and selflessly extends herself however possible, to help bridge the gaps between your goals and success.


A truly dynamic personality and a pleasure to work with!"  

--Diana Lote, Casting & Development Producer

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