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PBS /"American Portrait" Project

Production company: RadicalMedia
Documentarian | Field Researcher: Namakula | Agent 99 
Description: I sourced and vetted subjects, (6 were selected), produced and shot interviews / content for this human interest project. 

Meet Irene.

She's a legend, an icon, an entrepreneur, a mentor, a cultural influencer and the first Black Female Broadway Theatre Press Agent in History! Check out her caricature in 
Get inspired by her fire:
Ro_Hula Girl.png

Meet Rohitash.

He's a former ad creative director, painter, director (commercials, shorts, music videos), published writer & illustrator--and a super funny dude!
Catch his vibe: 

Meet Janel.

She's an actor, host, abolitionist, philanthropist and a Badass Empath! Check out her multi-layered story and her unique familial journey.
Feel her warmth:

Meet Mira.

She's the epitome of living your best life--to the fullest. She's a gifted, multi-media, feminist artist who's created works in the mediums of collage, painting, writing, acting--she was even performing as a singer in Cologne, Germany for a spell.
Keep Up--if you can: 

Meet Trevor.

He's a dedicated speech pathologist  teacher and mentor to grade school children and young adults. He's also an avid tennis player and coach to a youth girls team. He's passionate about giving back, uplifting others and swinging his racket on the court!
Swing by his profile: 

Meet Torée.

She's a talented actress, performer, deep thinker and a humanitarian. If she could save the world, she would. One day, she just might! See what keeps her up at night.
Get into her head: 
Want to know more? 

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