Career Coaching

We are here for our clients to guide and facilitate them in their career trajectory. Part of achieving this, is clear communication in understanding them and devising a plan, helping them to set goals and strategizing their execution and fruition.

Business Development / Repping

Whether it's being the face/voice of a client when acquiring new business, organizing a networking mixer or stepping in as "wingman/woman" to an industry event, --we've got you covered.

Social Media Management

Managing and keeping your online presence fresh, is a full time job. We're here to make it happen, so you don't lose sleep trying to. Whether it's writing that witty 280 character Tweet, crafting that compelling Linked In post or defusing that pithy YELP hater. We can also work in tandem with an SEO specialist, to ensure that your business rises to the top. You name it, we can do it.

Marketing Campaigns & Strategies

Many people have been running long standing businesses, that unfortunately, hit a wall. Their regular clients have moved on. And reinventing oneself to attract anew, can be daunting. We have a passion for crafting marketing campaigns around the unique aspects of the individual or business entity. We lock into the uniqueness that we all possess, writing and devising fresh sales strategies, specific to the particular client's needs, personality and vibe. Using wit and guile as our sword, we're ready to slay!

Production / Post Production

Our collective has over 20 years experience working in production and post. Original, stellar, online content is in demand and we're experts in our field. We can write, produce and edit video content for your company site, YouTube Channel, corporate meeting, or that snappy, Snap Chat vid. Whatever your needs, we have the means!

Image Consulting

Not everyone enjoys playing dress up or has the gift or patience for it. We all know that first impressions are everything. If you're not sure about that cornflower blue tie, what to do about your disastrous dye job or if you're just now realizing that your "COOL clothes"--are actually from the 20th century-- let us help. We have a professional team that can resuscitate your dead image. Let us breathe life into a whole new, confident and successful you!

Want to know more? 

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