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Agent 99 | Namakula is the creator, writer, producer, director, co-star and editor of the gritty, dark comedy webseries, "Kate & Kula"


BFFs Kate & Kula are top selling, jaded pharma drug reps, who out of financial desperation, have (secretly) become paid test subjects for a female mood modification med, Fem A. The drug is designed to suppress women with Type A personalities—and the side effects are alarming and hilarious!


But here’s the rub: is it the drug that’s causing their violent, deviant, psycho-sexual behavior or granting them permission to engage in violent, deviant, psycho-sexual behavior?


In the spirit of the archetypal buddy duos, "Kate & Kula" is a twisted, female anarchist, dark comedy set in a world of prescription drug abuse, corporate corruption and divergent wish fulfillment.  Dive into the manic world of K&K with these 7 episodes...

Creator / Producer / Writer / Director / Editor:

• Creator / writer of the concept, characters and 10 episode, 1st season 

• Cast the majority of guest star and background roles

• Scouted and secured locations

• Directed all episodes

• Hired guest DPs (for episodes 1, 6 and 7)

• Secured original music for episodes, (including K&K theme song,"Balls" by Eddie Arjun

• Handled and filed all SAG paperwork

• Booked ADR session

• Edited and mixed all episodes

• Responsible for PR, ie: K&K websiteYouTube Channel, IMDB page, social media, etc

Want to dig deeper? Check out the official K&K website There you'll learn where the bodies are buried--and why! 

Want to know more? 

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