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Agent 99's Markus Kingsley, is a multi-disciplinary artist with a strong background in; illustration, fine art, painting, murals and multi-media, objet d'art. Originally from London by way of Coventry, he trained at Saint Martin's School of Art. His art has been shown extensively throughout Europe; from the UK, to Switzerland, to Spain and then across the pond in the US; NYC, Miami and LA. His work has been published and shown in independent and established art events (ie; Miami's Art Basel).
Markus' pieces are available for SALE, DISPLAY and COMMISSION.
Contact us with inquiries regarding pricing, purchasing and commissions.

Part of the "ICON" series

33 x 23

On Display in Kemptown Trading Company, Brighton, UK

"Black Star"

Part of the "ICON" series

48 x 36

Acrylic Painting of music/fashion icon, Grace Jones, encased in a Victorian frame bejeweled with Swarovski crystals.   

Acrylic Painting of otherworldly music icon, David Bowie, encased in a Victorian frame, bejeweled with Swarovski pearls.  

"One Yard"

Part of the "JAMAICA" series

28 x 28

The Uniqueness of Jamaica. One=unicorn, Yard=Jamaica

"Jah Make Her"

Part of the "JAMAICA" series

Diptych 12 x 12

"Island Juice"

Part of the "JAMAICA" series

16 x 18

"Reg & Ronnie"

Part of the "Sartorial Thugs" 


16 x 12

The Kray Bros. the quintessential, British thugs.

On Display in Kemptown Trading Company, Brighton, UK


"The Knowledge: Portrait of His Majesty" 12' x 5' was painted over a three day period on Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn's Art District Bushwick, in the summer of 2014. I used a mixture of acrylic paints, markers and fabric as the medium. The wall was donated in part by restaurant, El Fogon. It was up for one week only before a realty company had it removed.

'SOULED OUT', a mural created for a client in the basement of Franklin St. Studios circa 1995, TriBeCa, NYC. The tenants gave me free range to do something befitting the space, and as they were all sound engineers, web designers, artists, musicians, jewelry and fashion designers, I stayed within the realm of the overall vibe, bohemian, funky cool. 'Souled Out' was a huge hit with all the party crowds that filled the space once a month. Great memories...

Want to know more? 

Reach out. Kingsley's art is available for purchase, stagings, commissions and events.

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