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abstract painting
Treeline  32 x 80

Out at Sea  36 x 48

Times Square  36 x 48

Come Together  30 x 40

The Met  36 x 48

NY Skyline  24 x 48

House Boats  20 x 24
Brooklyn  24 x 30

The Hamptons
 Thinkery  24 x 30

Aquarius  36 x 48

St. Michaels  30 x 40

Purple Haze  36 x 48
Dance of the Brush
This is part of a new series of work. Lisa's teamed up with a metal sculptor who will be creating pieces for galleries and public projects, based on her paintings. Measurements: 16 x 20 and 20 x 24.


Grand Battement
Acrobat  (1 of 3)
Wild Dance
Agent 99's Lisa Daniels, is an abstract artist who began her studies at Dorothy Cannon's Art Studio, in Studio City, CA. She went on to study at various colleges and museums, in many subjects, such as; Graphic Design, Drawing, Painting, Water Colors and Architectural Drafting. 
Lisa currently works in the Architectural / Structural field. This enables her to use the freedom of expression in contemporary and abstract art by combining her love of structures, with her love of painting.
Lisa's work is available for SALE, DISPLAY and COMMISSION.
Want to know more? 

Reach out. Lisa's art is available for purchase, stagings, commissions and events.

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