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Agent 99's Pekat Photography is an artist collective out of Nairobi, Kenya who's profoundly exquisite work transcends continents, race, gender and cultures. Their deeply emotional and subtly, social/economic storytelling via otherworldly, magickal imagery, touches the psyche, the heart, on a supremely HIGHER level. The stimulation and enlightenment from their visual allegories, is heavily influenced by their fervor and love of cinema, and conveys via all imaginable mediums; whether it be advertising, text, audio, (art, photo) exhibitions, still photography or films. Their is a deep and devoted messaging that Pekat is committed to expressing to their audience--to the world.

"As humans, we all experience the same emotions and go through the same stages of life and as all our stories are inspired by life experiences, on a human level, everyone has one thing or the other to learn from these stories. Most people talk about the African perspective, but really our intention is to continually find new ways to tell stories. It just so happens that we are African, and particularly Kenyan. Hence our stories may appear and sound a certain way, but where we thrive is our ability to marry our inspirations into text, styling and visuals that communicate a singular message."

                                                                                                                                                         - Kamau, Creative Director / Photographer

Pekat's work is available for SALE, DISPLAY and COMMISSION.
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"The Saloon"
This series is another one of our fictional, allegorical projects. The backstory of the tale is steeped in some of the historical figures of past generations, that have been integral components in the shaping of how our country, Kenya, is today. The story follows a stranger in a strangeland—a loner arriving in a small, dusty town known as, Death City. The municipality is strictly inhabited by rough and tumble cowboys, brutal war criminals, quick-at-the-draw gunslingers— and every type of outlaw in between. We wanted to dispel the stereotypical beliefs and imageries associated with pre-colonial Africa as “uncivilized” and illustrate a colorfully imaginative and refreshingly unexpected depiction of what the old west would be, could be, from an African perspective.
This retro fashion is a metaphor for the beautified, invisible suppression of the woman, fitted in a constrictive corset, yet draped in stylish frocks...
Golfer, Mike Parker 
A print campaign for Ngong Racecourse and Park, Kenya's only pay and play golf course.
Trans Atlantic 3.jpg
"Trans Atlantic"
Trans Atlantic is a visual story about the Trans Atlantic trade of the 17th century,
that predominantly involved slave trade.
We seek, visually, to discuss the sensitive 
topic of slavery from a lifestyle perspective in reference to the modern times we're living in.
Trans Atlantic4.jpg
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Pekat's available for photo shoots, events and their work is for purchase and stagings.

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