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Agent 99's Milton Washington is a New York City based, Experiential Photographer whose work captures the flavors, accents and
grit of NYC and beyond. Born and raised in South Korea until the age of 8, he was then adopted by a military family and raised throughout rural and urban USA. Milton's unique and multi-cultural background gives him an uncommon edge and perspective on the people and life experiences he's allured by. His fascination is all translated through the lens of the people, cultures and happenings he chooses to capture with his still photography. 

At it’s core, Milton's work is about healing, empowerment and upliftment. His subjects embody those living in challenging, dire, at times, tragic scenarios/lives resulting in physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual pain. Through Milton's empathetic, artistic eye, he communicates this via the lens by way of precise, yet natural posing of the subject, deliberate angles, carefully scouted locations with rich, textured, backgrounds / architecture and deeply contemplated choices of colours, lights and shadows. Through his process, Milton's photography taps into his subject's Higher Self, capturing their essence within, and moving them beyond struggle into Regal Ascension.

Some of his award winning work has been featured in The New York TimesFood & Wine Magazine and Frontrunner arts mag.

And recently, Milton photographed an Afro-Futuristic fashion shoot for Emmy & Oscar nominated costume designer, Ruth Carter

(Black Panther, Selma, Malcolm X) and a campaign for 734 Coffee (The Lost Boys of Sudan org).

Whether it be a colourful street scene, a couture draped fashionista or a quirky, neighborhood character-- this gifted artist finds the beauty and joy in his subjects and vibrantly shares them with the world.

Milton's work is available for SALE, DISPLAY and COMMISSION.
Contact us with inquiries regarding pricing, purchasing and bookings.
Afro-Futurist Fashion ProjectCostume Designer, Ruth Carter 
Art director / photographer, Milton Washington brought his unique sensibilities and vision of what and how the concept of "Afro-Futurism Fashion" would be best conveyed and executed. Milton meticulously selected the locations, orchestrated the angles and poses of the models, in order to regally showcase the modern, yet otherworldly costume designs created by the renowned, Ruth Carter. This was truly a symbiotic collaboration that garnered fantastic results.
Georges Bergés GalleryArtist Richard Lazes' "Paper Dolls" Opening Night Exhibition
Opening night, The Georges Bergés Gallery
Live models wear the artist, Richard Lazes' Paper Dolls dresses.
Gallerist, Georges Bergés
Featured WorkPublished  & Displayed
Suga's Deep South, Salmon Special
WINNER: The Mayor of NYC Photo Contest, #loveNYC (2012)
Out of 1,900+ submissions, Milton's photo won 1st place and was showcased on social media and displayed on Times Square's  Spectacolor HD screen
Mood & Architecture
Want to know more? 

Milton's available for photo shoots, events and his works are for purchase and stagings.

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