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Whether at the helm or part of a team, Agent 99 has collaborated on a wide range of projects. From hearty to shoestring budgets, whether it be producing, casting, shooting From produces robust, original content showcasing a variety of talents and professions. Whether we're shooting a video highlighting the work of an individual's long standing career, sharing a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes process of an artisan or unveiling the creation of a visionary craftsman, our aim is always to create a warm, personable, slice-of-life piece that connects the audience with the humanity and expertise of the featured subject.

Carpenter / Builder, August "Augie" King takes us on a trip down memory lane to the first house he bought, shares his visionary revisions to the home and his process in building the deck he envisioned in his mind's eye. Shot on location in Waterbury, CT.

Producer / Shooter / Video Editor: Namakula / Agent 99

We had a blast producing this promo video trailing veteran Sound recordist / Audio mixer, Rachel Cameron on a pre-production prep for her forthcoming shoot with Ground Up Films. Shot on Location in Tampa, FL.

Host / Producer / Shooter / Video Editor: Namakula / Agent 99

WHAT'S THE POINT?@! is a video cast celebrating finding and living one's purpose passionately! The goal of the series is to uplift and inspire others to do the same. Kicking things off, we interviewed artist, Rohitash Rao who happily shares candid anecdotes, his film work and his nutty insight into his ever-evolving, rollercoaster of a journey as a filmmaker, illustrator, painter, writer, educator and mentor.

Shot via remote connection, NYC & Austin, TX.

Creator / Producer / Host / Video Editor: Namakula / Agent 99

A BTS video of the production of the final scenes for "I MOTHER". Filmed on-location in upstate NY.  Shot & Edited by Agent 99.

Production Company: No Chiefs
Writer / Dir. / Exec Producer: Dee Allen-Barnes
Producer: Alexandra Leal-Allen
Producer / BTS Shooter & Video Editor: Namakula / Agent

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